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Privacy policy statement
The following statement discloses our information gathering and usage practices for The Ripples.co.uk Network websites.

The Ripples.co.uk Network websites allow visitors to more easily place orders for our products, request information regarding our products and services and to sign up for regular email updates.

Users may opt out of receiving these updates at any time.

Information Tracked

Our Web server automatically detects and stores your computer's IP address when you visit our websites. This information is accessible only by The Ripples.co.uk Network and its Web hosting provider, and is stored securely. Your computer's IP address will only be used to help diagnose problems with our websites and to trace abuse to our websites and server.

Our Web server also tracks browser types to help us better understand our visitors' needs.

At this time, The Ripples.co.uk Network websites do not use cookies to store information about their visitors.

Sharing and Usage

The Ripples.co.uk Network is the sole owner of the information collected on its websites. We will not sell, share or rent this information to other individuals or third party companies unless it is required for an abuse investigation or ordered by a court of law.

Information submitted to us is only accessible by The Ripples.co.uk Network and will only be used for contacting visitors based on a request for information.


The RIpples.co.uk Network takes every precaution to protect its visitors' information. When users submit sensitive contact or billing information (for example credit card details) via the websites, the information is protected both online and offline.

Choice/Opt out

The Ripples.co.uk Network never sends unsolicited emails and provides its visitors the opportunity to opt out of receiving future communications at any time. To opt out visitors should simply follow the instructions at the bottom of the most recent email received from The Ripples.co.uk Network.

Once a visitor opts out, they will no longer receive future communications.
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